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Siren Model Pre-Development 10 by AdventDestiny Siren Model Pre-Development 10 by AdventDestiny
Currently, my model as a whole is made up of over 1 million polygons, and it's still far from complete. Now ZBrush was designed to have a few tricks that can be exploited to allow a computer with lower graphic capabilities to handle complex models by effectively splitting the model into individual pieces... even a high-end computer might have trouble rendering a 40 million polygon model, but it could do this for 8 separate models, each totaling 5 million polygons. So I broke her down into separate parts, while adding some new ones. I also changed the material properties of the mesh itself, switching to one that simulates the nature of grey sculpting clay, which makes it easier to notice subtle features or imperfections.

I divided the body from the head, legs, and arms, then I split the head into two, creating effectively an upper and lower jaw, which made it much easier to create the interior of the mouth. Then, I added a sphere, reshaping and then mirroring it to fill the eye sockets [I know they don't look like eyes, probably will have to remold them back into a more oval shape]. The jaws, teeth, and tongue were actually scavenged from the old Character Creator model I originally created near the beginning the contest, saving me a great deal of time, now I just need to make the teeth sharper [but not too obviously sharp!], and the tongue longer.
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October 1, 2016
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